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Sharing travel stories, tips and reviews from around the world, and in my backyard! I am an enthusiastic travel agent excited to help others explore the world! I am sharing my favorite moments and trips on this blog to inspire your vacations!

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  1. Hi Diane…just a quick note to thank you for stopping by marc’s blog last week. That’s the first time I kept up a running “gig” of a cruise on my blog and I am happy that it was well received. I hope hope hope some day to visit Normandy and your notes and spectacular photographs encourge me not to wait much longer. Did I say I hope?!


  2. Thanks, Marc- I have a HUGE list of trips I would like to take! Some on land and some on sea. Enjoyed reading about the cruise. I am just starting up a travel biz and love to read as much as I can about others’ experiences on cruises and traveling in general.


  3. Hi Diane!

    Just wanted to send a quick hello from cloudy Shropshire in the UK, where we’re keeping warm and planning our next trip. As you’ve probably seen…we’re empty nesters like you…just back from a crazy 57 day whizz around the world. Wasn’t that enough?? No way. I think once you ‘catch’ wanderlust…it’s incurable…don’t you agree?! Anyway, nice to meet you and we look forward to following your travel adventures ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Hi there! Nice to meet you! Glad to hear you are enjoying empty nesting, too! I am just heading back from a thanksgiving trip to hilton Head Island with the family- I will have to write about that! We live in Texas now, but I spent most of my life living just outside of NYC. It is fun getting to see another very different part of the country. Thanks for visiting my page! Our next adventure will be a family Caribbean cruise. How about you?


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