Munich- What Not to Miss


If it is Oktoberfest season, Munich is on everyone’s radar, however this city is worth a look all year long.  While not on everyone’s list for a first time visit to Europe, savvy travelers love this quaint city.  Many combine it in with  a tour around Germany,  or  pre- or post- river cruising. If you have just a few days there, here are my top recommendations for things to do:

Neushwanstein Castle
  1. Take a day trip to Neuschwanstein  Castle  and Linderhof – The Neuschwanstein Castle was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s castle at Disneyland.  It is beautiful! Built by King Ludwig II, it is an extremely popular tourist attraction, so I would book ahead! A visit to Linderhof is often included with this day trip, and it does not disappoint.  The full excursion will take about 10-11 hours.   Linderhof is another castle built by King Ludwig and was inspired by Versailles.

    Munich English Gardens
    English Gardens in Munich
  2.  Visit the English Garden – Here you will find several Biergartens , a lake, jogging paths and monuments.  Locals and visitors alike enjoy this beautiful outdoor space
  3. Marienplatz

    3.Visit Marienplatz , a beautiful square and the town hall located there.

beer4. If you find yourself in Munich, you really should visit one of the many, many Biergartens located throughout the city.


5 An extremely worthwhile day trip from Munich is the Dauchau concentration camp.  The trip is emotional, but very meaningful.  It usually takes about 5-6 hours of your day.  bmw museum6. The BMW museum is a popular attraction as well.  Here you can view BMW concept cars and motorcycles, as well as a car “vending machine” where owners pick out their new cars.  Architecture buffs as well as car enthusiasts enjoy this place.

Munich Alte_Pinakothek_Pinakothek_der_Moderne_Muenchen-2
The Alte Pinakothek

7. The Alte Pinakothek  is the Old Picture Gallery, best known for one of the largest collections of Rubens in the world.

munich church of our lady - wikimedia
Church of  Our Lady in Munich 

8. Climb to the the top of the Church of our Lady to get a great view of the city.  This church is easily spotted and worth a look on its own, but the climb to the top is the big draw.

If you only have a few days in town, these are my top recommendations.  I hope you get the chance to check out Munich someday.  Enjoy!


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