Lessons to be Learned about Tropical Travel in Hurricane Season

As we all know, this has been a particularly rough hurricane season, and my heart goes out to all of those advesely affected by the storms.  The devastion is staggering.

As a travel agent, I have been asked what is the best course of action for travel this time of year.  Here is my best advice to travellers who choose to travel to these beautiful, tropical, and hurricane prone locations:

  1.  This is truly #1.  Purchase Travel Insurance.  It can help you recover any non-refundable costs, but it can do more.  Trip Insurance can cover many excess costs you may incur because of the storm and your disrupted vacation.  Insurance can also help you if you have any medical issues on your vacation, and it goes beyond that.  It can make all the difference. For exact details of your policy, please contact your agent.
  2. If you are cruising, remember that the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are very large.  Ships can change their routes to get away from the storm.  Resorts on the Islands are stationary and do not have this option.  Cruise lines also have been giving refunds for cancelled or shortened cruise itineraries.
  3. Register with the State Department when leaving the US.  They can help you in the event of natural disaster.
  4. Be flexible.  Your itinerary may need to change.  Cruise lines are very good at changing itineraries when necessary for safety, or after damage from storms.  Many ports are not going to be open for a while.

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