Prague has so much going on!

Have you been hearing a lot about Prague lately, too?  Everyone seems to be going there, or returning from there.  If you are wondering what all the fuss is about, here is a short list of the biggest attractions:Prague castle wikimedia.jpg

  1. Prague Castle – You can’t miss it!  Head up the hill and spend a day exploring the grounds, Royal Palace, churches and galleries. prague town square and clock
  2. The Old Town Square is pretty as a postcard.  You have probably seen photos of this all over your social media feeds already.  Here you will find many beautiful buildings and the famous Astrological Clock.St Charles Bridge Prague
  3. Charles Bridge is a famous spot in the city as well.  Adorned with many statues, take a leisurely stroll across and enjoy the views!prague st agnes wikimedia
  4. St. Agnes’s Convent is Prague’s oldest gothic building and home to the National Gallery collection of Medieval and early Renaissance art.  The recently restored building is very impressive, too. prague church of st michael wiki
  5. If you head to Petrin Hill, you can get great views of the city and you can visit the very cool looking old Ukranian Church of Saint Michael and the Strahov Monastery.  The Monastery was founded in 1140 has frescoes as well as the nation’s oldest collection of books in its library. Prague's_St._Vitus_Cathedral wiki
  6. Saint Vitus Cathedral can’t be missed.  This impressive Gothic cathedral overlooks the city and is worth an hour or two to tour.  prague jewish museum flickr
  7. The Prague Jewish Museum consists of  six Jewish monuments clustered together in Josefov: the Maisel Synagogue, the Pinkas Synagogue, the Spanish Synagogue, the Klaus Synagogue, the Ceremonial Hall,  and the Old Jewish Cemetery.  There is also the Old-new Synagogue, which is still used for religious services, and requires a separate ticket or additional fee.prague house sign
  8. Take some time to stroll around and notice the interesting house signs throughout the city.  Fun fact is that homes in Prague weren’t given identifying numbers until 1770.  Prior to that they were identified by these signs and symbols. prague beer wiki
  9. Visit a Beerhall.    U Medvidku is a popular tourist attraction, but there are many others.cesky krumlov
  10. Take a day trip to the town of Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO site.  It is a beautifully preserved medieval town which you approach driving through the Bohemian countryside.  This is a full day tour.

    dresden wiki
  11. Another popular full day trip from Prague is to Dresden.  This town is often called the most beautiful town in Germany.Karlovy_Vary_Czech
  12. Karlovy Vary, also known as Carlsbad is another option for a day trip out of Prague.  This is a colorful, Bohemian spa town with many picturesque buildings, mineral waters and a famous glass factory.  Most tours to this town take a full day. Prague Museum_of_communism_in_prague_2008-08-06
  13. The Museum of Communism is a small spot that recalls the darker days of Communism in Prague, not so very long ago.


There is so much to do in or near Prague, you could easily spend a week.  I am heading over for the first time this fall!  If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear your suggestions!

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12 thoughts on “Prague has so much going on!

  1. I must admit … Prague was a bit of a disappointment for me. Gorgeous architecture, but the people were rude and there were so many begging everywhere. Others just blatantly kept asking for money. It was becoming off-putting.


    1. Sorry to hear that! Rude I can deal with. I am from New York, haha! We saw a lot of beggars in Barcelona earlier this year, and in every major square/Piazza in Italy, too. We have not spent much time in Eastern Europe, so this will be new to us! Thanks for the input.

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  2. Hello! I’ve recently come back from a week in Prague. I thought it was beautiful. There is plenty to do and not to costly as the art and architecture is enough to keep you busy. I would definitely recommend visiting the Jewish Quarter and the Lennon wall. I took a boat trip on the river, which was really cheap and that took me to plenty of places with a guide, there is loads of info about doing that once you are there, don’t have to book, just pitch up. I recently uploaded my first blog which is in Prague if you want to read through that 😊.
    I hope you enjoy Prague ❤️

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  3. Great list. The Mucha Museum is definitely a must-see too if you’re a fan of art, particularly art nouveu, is absolutely breathtaking


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