Magnificent Milan

In March, 2017, I spent just over a day in beautiful Milan. This city was so much more than I expected.  Mark and I spent 8 wonderful days in Florence and found a convenient flight home to Texas through Milan.  I did a little research and found there are some great things to see and … Continue reading Magnificent Milan

Planning a trip to – Quebec City!

We are looking for somewhere  to visit this summer that isn't farther than a few hours' flight. (We are in Texas).  Maybe for a long weekend.  I am thinking Quebec City!  Quebec is beautiful.  It has the only walled city in North America (north of Mexico). The fun thing for Americans is that when you … Continue reading Planning a trip to – Quebec City!

Journey to the English Countryside

Highclere castle photo from   It is just about time for me to dream up another fun adventure to take with my husband and travel partner!  I think that I  plan about ten trips for every one that we actually end up taking.  Still, it is a very entertaining exercise.  My new plan is … Continue reading Journey to the English Countryside