The Hilton Molino Stuckey in Venice

We were fortunate enough to spend almost a week in Venice before and after a Greek Island cruise a few years ago.  We stayed at the Hotel Molino Stuckey, owned and operated by Hilton Hotels.  It was great!

The building was once a flour mill, and it has been beautifully converted into a hotel with many restaurants, bars, 390 rooms and a gorgeous roof top pool with an incredible view of the city of Venice.

The hotel is a 30 minute water taxi ride from the airport.  How cool is that?  You take water taxis to get around this city!

venice molino stuckey.jpg
Approach to the Hilton Molino Stuckey

This is the main lobby. Really nice!


To get across the water to the main tourist attractions, the hotel operates this water shuttle.  It takes just a few minutes to be transported to the center of all the action. venice molino transport.jpg

The hotel is just a little bit away from all the crowds of tourists, which we found to be a bonus.  It was fun to explore the area around the hotel, La Guidecca.  There were also a few bars and restaurants nearby, but it was so easy to get over to San Marco and the Grand Canal area, we always dined over there.

venice near hotel La Giudecca.jpg

I don’t seem to have  photo of our rooms.  As a family of four, we required two rooms.  They only had suites, rooms with one queen bed or rooms with two twin beds.  The rooms were sunny, well furnished and very comfortable.  I would definitely return to this hotel.  Even though it is part of the Hilton family of hotels, it felt very authentic and local.  I like that, because we didn’t travel all the way to Venice to feel like we are in the US!


13 thoughts on “The Hilton Molino Stuckey in Venice

  1. Hi Diane,
    I am sad to tell you that we had a very different experience at our stay at Molino Stucky last year. Service was appalling throughout our stay, staff some of the unfriendliest I’ve ever experienced and the rooms very smelly and already showed its use, despite only being opened a few years ago. The rooftop pool was closed despite it being 25C outside and people heading to the beach at Lido. I’m sure we might have had a better stay at an authentic little 2 star hotel in town. The only thing we liked was the location on Guidecca, away from the tourist mayhem. All in all a huge disappointment and completele rip off,


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