Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review is SO much fun at Walt Disney World! (first in a series of fun things to do that don’t require a ticket)

After somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 visits to Disney World over the years, we still find new fun experiences.  Sometimes we are looking for a day that doesn’t require a park ticket.  The Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review is on Disney Property, but it is located at the Wilderness campgrounds, near the Wilderness Lodge.

photo from tipsfromtheDisneyDiva.com

Overview:  The Review is a 2 hour dinner show with a wild west theme.  Maybe a bit corny, but very entertaining. It is very family friendly, interactive and super fun.  There are 3 categories of tickets available, and ticket price includes family style dinner with drinks.  You get all you care to drink Beer, wine, sangria as well as soft drinks. The food is all you can eat fried chicken, ribs, salad, beans, cornbread and some very tasty strawberry shortcake for dessert. Last I checked, if you are on the Disney Dining plan, this will cost you double credits for the two early shows.  The late show counted as one table service meal. Cost is $64-$72 per adult and $38-43 per child, depending upon category.

Ticket categories one and two are on the main floor, and the closer you are to the stage the more chance there is of you being part of the action of the show!  We have sat on the third floor, and the view was great, and we still had a blast.  Show times are 4, 6:15 and 8:30.

Getting here is a little bit tricky.  You can drive or take Disney Transportation buses, but you will need to connect.  There also is a direct ferry to the Wilderness campgrounds from the Magic Kingdom.

One fun tip for you is that while this is always a fun thing to do, at Christmas there is an extra bonus.  You are in the Wilderness campgrounds.  Folks here decorate their camping spots in a BIG way.  It is very, very pleasant to walk around the grounds and soak up some holiday spirit!



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