Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen – Christiansborg Slot

Last June, we finished off our fabulous Tauck Baltic tour with a day on our own in Copenhagen.  The last sight we visited was the Christiansborg Palace, and it was beautiful.  img_5046

The Royal family does not live here, but it is the seat of the Danish Parliament located in the heart of Copenhagen.  The Danish Prime Minister’s Office is located here and also the Supreme Court of Denmark.  The Royal family does use the Palace for official functions.  There are also Royal stables here and the Chapel.  All of these are open to the public.  This is the third castle built in the same location.  The first was built in 1167.  You are able to visit the basement and see parts of the original foundations and also to get an overview of the history of the previous castles.

The interior is quite beautiful, and we enjoyed the few hours we spent walking around.  We took the English language tour of the interior, and found it well worth our while.img_5071


The Royal Chapel is very pretty and the where the royal family has held baptisms and other important events for many, many years.img_5066


img_5059I loved this grand reception room.  The tapestries are modern and beautiful.  They trace the history of Denmark through present times.


The thrones.


The library was spectacular.


And lastly, my husband enjoyed posing for a few goofy photos!



10 thoughts on “Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen – Christiansborg Slot

  1. Omg I love it…… I love the interiors and all that tapestry! I didn’t know you can take photos inside! I will try to check it out when I go this year 😁Thanks for following me, I’ll definitely be back for more!

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  2. Hi there. Thanks for sharing this gem! Denmark is on our short list for next summer. Hopefully we will make it and be able to take a tour. Either way, it is on our list to visit when we do make it. Love the pictures. Thanks again for sharing.


    1. Thanks, Sam ! We sort of just tacked on Christiansborg Palace at the end of our trip. THey have some cool archeological ruins you can see in the basement, too – but my favorite was the room with the tapestries. I thought they were pretty cool. The tapestries walk you through history, so a tour guide is helpful!


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