LBJ Presidential Library in Austin,Texas

We just finished a weekend getaway to Austin, Texas. It was our first visit, and we squeezed in as many sights as possible. The husband and I agreed that the LBJ library was our favorite sight to see. It is easy to get to (but probably not on a UT game day) on the University of Texas campus. We learned so very much about President Johnson, and gained a great appreciation for all the civil rights bills he passed.

Our favorite things were:

1. You could listen to some very interesting taped phone calls. LBJ was a very interesting guy! He was kindly, but he sure didn’t take NO for an answer!

2. There were all sorts of original letters and documents on display that gave you some great insights into the president. LBJ had a big heart, and was larger than life, for sure!

3. Mark , the husband, always loves the mock up of the Oval Office at the presidential libraries. So that was sun for him.

4. LBJ was very instrumental in passing many major civil rights laws.We didn’t realize how many.  He cared deeply about this cause.


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