ATV jungle tour- a fun RCCL excursion!

Over Christmas break we cruised on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston. When we stopped at Roatan, Honduras, our family of four opted for the ATV adventure . It was a lot of fun!

The local operator was ATV Jungle Tour Mahogany Bay Roatan. Our guide was Alex. 

When we were being instructed on ATV usage, it became pretty clear that I wasn’t going to do very well on this terrain, so I ended up riding with our guide, Alex.  We had several other assistant guides going along the trails with us for safety. In addition there were workers spread out along the trail to make sure everyone knew where to go and that the trails remained clear.

We all had a great time and returned to our ship safely , but muddy. The beach visit at the end was a nice little break as well.

All in all, the Roatan ATV adventure got four thumbs up from my family and I can recommend it without reserve, if you ever happen to be in Roatan. I will warn you, however, to expect your clothes and shoes to get very dirty!


5 thoughts on “ATV jungle tour- a fun RCCL excursion!

  1. What fun it must have been, Diane. I had a similar experience in Mauritius. Only in my case, I had I rammed my quad bike into that of a honeymooning couple in front of me. Next I was rebuked by the guy running the operation, shed buckets of tears thinking of what if the newlyweds had got badly injured and then swore never to get onto a quad bike again. Maybe I should rethink it, eh? 🙂

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      1. Maybe I was a speeding loon. If the couple had been flung off the quad bike, the guy’s neck would have been on the line. So I am giving him the benefit of the doubt but it did make me feel quite small at the time. I am glad you had none of that 🙂

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