Dreams Tulum

I have just returned from five days at Dreams in Tulum, Mexico. It was a “girls get-away” for six of us from my college sorority. We had a fantastic time. We were going to have a great time, because we were together, pretty much anywhere we went. But Dreams in Tulum really was a great location.  This is our third time doing a reunion trip to a tropical all-inclusive resort, so we had some basis for comparison. 

To start with, the sunrise views were spectacular!

The resort is in Tulum, which is just over an hour’s drive from Cancun airport, but traffic and stops to drop off other travelers in a shared van can double the length of your transfer between the hotel and airport.

The resort is very beautiful once you arrive, however. The buildings, grounds, pools and the beach are all lovely and kept in very good condition.

It was fun to see iguanas every now again around the resort.  They were not afraid of people at all!

The pools were both very pretty and right next to the beach.

One of my favorite things about this resort is that it is VERY close to the Mayan ruins in Tulum.  We were able to take a taxi there for about $10US.  It was a very short and easy trip.  The whole excursion just took between two and three hours.  FYI, you can pay to enter the ruins and also for an English language walking tour in US $$ as well.  Entry and tour cost $10 per person.  We were all very happy that we hired the guide to explain things to us and walk us through.  If you are going to take the time to visit the ruins, then you might as well understand what you see!

The beach in front of our hotel was very pretty and had lots of lounge chairs.  There is a reef right off of the coast, so the swimming area is a bit smaller than you might expect.  If you enjoy snorkeling or diving, the reef is a bonus, in that this is the second largest barrier reef on the planet (behind the Great Barrier Reef in Australia).

This is the second pool, also quite pretty.

They had several fun events going on during the day around the resort.  One was the foam party.  We just watched, but it looked pretty fun!

Another fun thing on the property was the giant chess board.  There was a giant checker board too!

There were 6 main restaurants on propery:  the World Cafe buffet, El Patio Mexican restaurant, Himitsu Asian fusion restaurant, Bordeaux French restaurant, Portofino Italian restaurant and the Seaside Grill. We dined at all of these. There is also a sushi place, which we didn’t get to try, the Barefoot Grill next to the pool for burgers, dogs and pizza, and Coco Cafe a fantastic coffee house kind of a place that we loved and visited many, many times every single day! All of the dinner places were pretty good.  We never had a dinner that all of us LOVED, but we also had meals that most of us enjoyed very much.

Lunch was different. We found a place we LOVED.  Our favorite lunch spot was the very picturesque Seaside Grill located next to the pool and overlooking the sea.  Thus the name!  The aguachile seviche is to die for.  No joke!  We went there every day, and once we discovered how good it was, we had it every time!img_6208

Seaside Grill – with its wonderful views

In the evenings there was assorted entertainment including the “Fire Show” .  This was fun and about what you would expect at a resort.

The gym was well equipped and we never found it so crowded that we couldn’t use the equipment.  Only issue was that it was very far from our room, so when it rained in the morning, we got very wet walking there.  Not so fun to work out in squishy sneakers!

the very scenic walk to the gym

To sum it up, this is a very well run all inclusive resort and a very good pick for a group vacation. Food was good, but not out of this world.  Not so big an issue that I would not go back, but I wouldn’t go there for the food. Well, I might go there for the ceviche… or Coco Cafe.  We were BIG fans of both! The other thing to consider with this resort is that it is a bit of a hike from the Cancun airport.  The good part of that is that you are off of the strip, if that is what you are looking for, and you are very close to the Tulum ruins.

The other thing I would warn you about is that this resort is at the far edge of the developed area.  As such, the infrastructure is a little bit questionable.  Once in a while, if the wind was blowing in just the wrong direction, you could get a whiff of sewage.  It was rare, but it did make us VERY careful about drinking only bottled water. (and none of us got sick).

I am a big fan of all inclusive resorts for group travel, mostly because the costs are all paid up front and everyone knows what to expect.  It is also very easy to plan out your days…. no worrying about dinner reservations and planning outings, etc.  Dreams Tulum was a great choice for this group trip!


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