Hilton Head Island walk in the woods

Hilton Head Island was hit very hard by Hurricane Matthew in October.  When we visited for Thanksgiving week, there were still many signs that a major storm had recently come through.


But most businesses were up and running.  A few hotels were still closed and the harbor at beautiful Harbor Town was still empty of ships and being dredged (or at least I think that was what was being done).  The dock at the famous light house had been swept out to sea, and many restaurants and shops had not yet reopened at that part of the Island.


But the folks on HHI are resilient and it was wonderful to be on this beautiful island once again.

We have been to Hilton Head Island more times than I can count.  I started visiting when I was 16 years old, and have been back almost every year since then.  That is a lot of years!

This trip, we tried a few new activities.  The first thing we tried was a hike on the nature trail in Sea Pines plantation, at the Harbor Town side of the island.  There was a lot of tree damage along the trail, but it was still very enjoyable.



As you can see, there were still many beautiful live oak trees standing, still covered with beautiful spanish moss.


We saw this sign at the lake on the trail.  We considered ourselves warned!  … but we didn’t see any alligators.


One of the highlights of our walk in the woods was the abundance of beautiful birds.


Scooby and Megan were big fans of this walk in  the woods.  If you are in HHI, I recommend checking out this trail!

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