Getting in the Christmas Spirit with Scooby!

I know this isn’t on my usual theme of travel… but Scooby looked so cute in her new Christmas sweater, I just had to share.  We did find this sweater at a great bargain at the Hilton Head outlet stores whilst shopping on Black Friday.  As an aside, the Hilton Head outlets are the least stressful place to shop on the day after Thanksgiving that I have ever experienced.

10 thoughts on “Getting in the Christmas Spirit with Scooby!

  1. How stinking cute!!! I always find it so adorable when people dress their pups in cute little sweaters. My mom does it all the time for our dog- sometimes I feel like he has better sweaters than me 😉

    xo, JJ

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    1. Hi Darlene – my husband is the Frisch. It is German, as you know. His people settled around Pittsburgh. I think they came over from Germany in the early 1800’s / late 1700s. His family lived in Sewickley, but after everyone got through college his siblings and mom all scattered up and down the east coast. We were there in NJ until our recent move to TX. Where were you from?


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