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It is just about time for me to dream up another fun adventure to take with my husband and travel partner!  I think that I  plan about ten trips for every one that we actually end up taking.  Still, it is a very entertaining exercise.  My new plan is for somewhere between one and two weeks in England, exclusive of London.  I am thinking: beautiful countryside, quaint cottages, giant megaliths, castles, history, rolling hills, and maybe some golf for the husband.

Here are some highlights:

  1. The Cotswolds looks like it belongs in a fairy tale. This is where you can find thatched cottages, gardens, and beautiful English countryside.  We would love to ramble around and take in the sights, cameras in hand. Some of the high points of this area are the Blenheim Palace, the Avebury stone circle, the towns of Lacock and Stow-on-the-Wold, and also Stanton and Stanway house.
Blenheim palace from wikipedia

2. Bath is an historic city, famous for its hot springs, around which the Romans built their baths, pictured below.  While in bath, we can enjoy one of the free city walking tours and visit the Royal Crescent.  Not too far away are Wells and Glastonbury where we can visit Glastonbury Abbey and the Wells Cathedral.

Roman Bath in Bath, England. Photo from wikipedia
photo from
Wells Cathedral from

4.  A visit to Stonehenge will be an absolute must for this trip.  It is best to book tickets ahead of time to ensure you can visit.  I have heard that there is even a way to book early entry before the masses arrive, very early in the morning.  At that hour, one can get up close and personal with the stones.

photo from

5. Salsbury is down on the English southern coast and not too far from Stonehenge.  While in the area, it will be worth a visit to see the Mary Rose museum where the raised sunken ship can be viewed.  At the Salisbury Catheral and Chapter house, we can view the Magna Carta.


6. Caterbury and Dover would also both be worth a visit.  Canturbury town is supposed to be lovely and the Cathedral is very famous.  Dover is , of course, known for its white cliffs and secret world war II tunnels.  Nearby, the seaside town of Whitstable is supposed to be a lovely place to visit as well.

7. I think I will entice the husband with some world class golf at a few locations.  The Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, Wales, and Royal St. George in Sandwich, Kent should fit the bill nicely!  The Celtic Manor hosted the 2010 Ryder Cup and is a five star resort with 54 holes of golf, and as a happy bonus, it also has a spa!  The Royal St. George is a private club, so arranging to play will require a little bit of work, but it is possible.  This course hosted the 2011 British Open.  The Royal St. George is located in the town of Sandwich, Kent.  In Sandwich, you can find a medieval village with great pubs.  Many golf enthusiasts combine golfing at Royal St. Georges with Golf at Royal Cinqueports, host to the 1909 and 1920 British Open in Deal, Kent.  The other local course that is a big draw is Prince’s in Sandwich, Kent , host to the 1932 British Open.

photo from
Sandwich, Kent – photo from

8. As we wind our way back towards London to fly home, I would like to visit Highclere castle.  This is where they filmed Downton Abbey, one of my favorite shows!


Highclere castle photo from

16 thoughts on “Journey to the English Countryside

  1. Pleased to meet you Diane – thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter. Now I might be a little prejudiced (ok, I am, – a lot!) but the North of England has very beautiful countryside, too e.g. The Lake District and Yorkshire Dales. And of course (nod to your husband) Scotland is the home of golf.

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    1. Hi Anabel! Thanks for the note! I will check out the north of England and Scotland too. We actually did visit Scotland about ten years back with some wonderful golf as well as castles and Edinburgh… we need to get back and see more next time.

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  2. Lovely photographs and thank you for the follow. I am of noble lineage (yes, really) and will search out some of our old family homes to show you. Some of my ancestors were latterly in the Tower of London…before beheading. 👸

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      1. I am a direct descendant of King Henry VII – so some of his abodes are still in use but I noticed others when researching. Ragnar Lothbrok, King of Uppsala (Vikings) is also a great-great…grandpappy but I don’t think I would like to live in his longhouse. 🇸🇪

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  3. Hi Diane… did you think about Cornwall and Lake District for your England itinerary? We spent 2 years in London and did not go to either of these places and now I really regret it. I loved reading your post. Your trip is going to be amazing 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for the read and reply! I just tried to squeeze in as much as possible. I will go back and re look at Cornwall and Lake District! I am so far away I just rely on the advice of others. Appreciate your input!!!


  4. Just spent a weekend in the Cotswolds this past weekend, and it is every bit as fairytale as people say!! Looks like a fun but action packed fantasy trip! Don’t forget about Winchester and Winchester cathedral – close to Stonehenge/Salisbury very very pretty and packed with history – Kings used to be crowned at Winchester cathedral!

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