gorgeous…or is it…gorges…… lets take a hike

I just found this post from fellow blogger, KmSalvatore. The Gorges in upstate NY look absolutely BEAUTIFUL.


Gorges…Walk in the Park Ithaca is Gorges, New York’s Finger Lakes, and beyond


so ..now that you have walked up all those stairs…turn around and take a look

by the time you finish walking through this particular park (the trails are man made) the rest has been formed by glaciers. this particular area sits  between 2 finger lakes. you will have walked up 60 flights of stairs. YES.. I said 60!!! so put your sneaks on and lets go

30734477741_7cc30434c8_o_pe ok, lets keep walking, and make sure you have everything covered.. or your going to get wet. also..see way on top that thing that is coming across, that’s a bridge.. I don’t do heights, but ill be getting closer…..eventually 🙂

30734470361_c175236a7c_o_pe one of the many bridges, out of many steps to get to the top. I can almost hear that water running.

30521672700_79ef3a1c11_o_pe I’m always tell the Mr. to get out of my way..He…

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