Nyhavn – a beautiful spot in old Copenhagen



In June of this year, we were fortunate enough to spend a few days in wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen.  Pictured here is one of our favorite spots.  It was so photogenic!  Nyhavn is a beautiful canal which runs down to the inner harbor.  Along both sides of the canal you will find quaint multicolored buildings, restaurants, tour boats and some houseboats as well.  Photographers absolutely LOVE this place, and we were no exception!

We took one of the canal boat tours, and I would highly recommend it.  Many people say that Copenhagen is a city best viewed from the water, and they are not incorrect.







12 thoughts on “Nyhavn – a beautiful spot in old Copenhagen

  1. Have only been to Copenhagen once many years ago when backpacking! It would be nice to go back there and compare now many years later! Lovely photos! Thanks very much for visiting my blog, Le Chic En Rose and following it – much appreciated and glad you like my posts. I’m going to sign up to follow yours too and will enjoy reading your future posts, very best wishes Rosemary 😃

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