Most Romantic Hotels Perfect for Honeymooners

Sharing this great article from a fellow blogger. I just attended a webinar about the Plaza Athenee in Paris, and WOW! This is an amazing, elegant and super high-end hotel. The rest of these hotels look perfect, too!


Having a fantastic accommodation during your honeymoon makes the entire trip even more romantic and memorable. If you and your loved one have been hearing wedding bells, or if you have already tied the knot but have not gone to a honeymoon yet because of your busy professional life, this article is perfect for you. We want to help you save time so we have listed the best hotels for a romantic honeymoon.

au-plaza-athenee-terrace-eiffel-suite-bedroom2.jpgEiffel Suite Classic, Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris, France
The fact that this hotel is situated in Paris should make it unnecessary for one to explain why it is considered as one of the most romantic accommodations in the world. The property offers 1,400 square ft units with terraces that give you a view of the majestic–yep, you got it—Eiffel Tower! Prepare the traditional accordion music!

4c23567d8edeb71525d751d10f895e28.jpgShompole in Kenya
Shompole is a luxurious eco safari lodge which…

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