gorgeous…or is it…gorges…… lets take a hike

I just found this post from fellow blogger, KmSalvatore. The Gorges in upstate NY look absolutely BEAUTIFUL.


Gorges…Walk in the Park Ithaca is Gorges, New York’s Finger Lakes, and beyond


so ..now that you have walked up all those stairs…turn around and take a look

by the time you finish walking through this particular park (the trails are man made) the rest has been formed by glaciers. this particular area sits  between 2 finger lakes. you will have walked up 60 flights of stairs. YES.. I said 60!!! so put your sneaks on and lets go

30734477741_7cc30434c8_o_pe ok, lets keep walking, and make sure you have everything covered.. or your going to get wet. also..see way on top that thing that is coming across, that’s a bridge.. I don’t do heights, but ill be getting closer…..eventually 🙂

30734470361_c175236a7c_o_pe one of the many bridges, out of many steps to get to the top. I can almost hear that water running.

30521672700_79ef3a1c11_o_pe I’m always tell the Mr. to get out of my way..He…

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Mi Tierra Restaurant – Fun night out in San Antonio

On a recent visit to San Antonio with the family, we found a fun, festive and delicious place to dine.  Mi Tierra is located in the Mercado district, and we enjoyed it very much.  This restaurant was opened in 1941 by Pete and Cruz Cortez.  It has grown to quite a large venue, decorated with … Continue reading Mi Tierra Restaurant – Fun night out in San Antonio

Seven Seas Voyager Emerges from Luxurious Renovation

Regent is on a whole other level from other cruises. I hope to cruise with them someday!

Seven Seas Voyager’s bow-to-stern refurbishment has been complete, giving her a luxurious new décor and a new collection of spectacular production shows for the Constellation Theater.  Seven Seas Voyager underwent an extensive, 25-day refurbishment as part of our $125 million fleet-wide refurbishment program, and is now underway on a 23-night Barcelona to Dubai voyage that departed on Nov. 9.  She now boasts the same elegant style and indisputable attention to detail famously featured on Seven Seas Explorer, providing all of our ships with a consistent look-and-feel.

Seven Seas Voyager joins Seven Seas Navigator as the second ship to receive this stylish new update to the public spaces and suites onboard.  In addition to the elegant new décor, the ship will debut five new production shows in the Constellation Theater.

While the shipboard enhancements extend from bow-to-stern, some of the more notable renovations include:

  • Penthouse, Concierge and Deluxe Suites: The largest…

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Nyhavn – a beautiful spot in old Copenhagen

  In June of this year, we were fortunate enough to spend a few days in wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen.  Pictured here is one of our favorite spots.  It was so photogenic!  Nyhavn is a beautiful canal which runs down to the inner harbor.  Along both sides of the canal you will find quaint multicolored buildings, … Continue reading Nyhavn – a beautiful spot in old Copenhagen

Most Romantic Hotels Perfect for Honeymooners

Sharing this great article from a fellow blogger. I just attended a webinar about the Plaza Athenee in Paris, and WOW! This is an amazing, elegant and super high-end hotel. The rest of these hotels look perfect, too!


Having a fantastic accommodation during your honeymoon makes the entire trip even more romantic and memorable. If you and your loved one have been hearing wedding bells, or if you have already tied the knot but have not gone to a honeymoon yet because of your busy professional life, this article is perfect for you. We want to help you save time so we have listed the best hotels for a romantic honeymoon.

au-plaza-athenee-terrace-eiffel-suite-bedroom2.jpgEiffel Suite Classic, Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris, France
The fact that this hotel is situated in Paris should make it unnecessary for one to explain why it is considered as one of the most romantic accommodations in the world. The property offers 1,400 square ft units with terraces that give you a view of the majestic–yep, you got it—Eiffel Tower! Prepare the traditional accordion music!

4c23567d8edeb71525d751d10f895e28.jpgShompole in Kenya
Shompole is a luxurious eco safari lodge which…

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Exploring Normandy, Brittany, and the Loire Valley in the north of France

   When most people think about travel to France, they only think of Paris.  There is so much more to see, and you don't have to go very far from Paris to see it!  Venturing out for a few days to Normandy, Brittany and the Loire valley will show you the D-day beaches and other … Continue reading Exploring Normandy, Brittany, and the Loire Valley in the north of France

The 5 Best Places to Go in the Algarve

This is a great article about the Algarve from fellow blogger goaskbecki. The Algarve is a region in Portugal southwest of Lisbon. It is a favorite of golfers and sun seekers, but has so much to offer!


The Algarve is perhaps Portugal’s most popular tourist destination – and with good reason! With a gorgeous coastline of long, white sandy beaches, constant warm weather and some of the friendliest people I’ve encountered on my travels, it’s easy to see why the Algarve is so popular. However, while most people go there to relax on the beach or by the pool, there’s still plenty to see and do in the Algarve for those who fancy exploring!


If you’ve read my post on what to do in Silves (found here), you’ll hopefully understand why I loved it so much. Overlooking the town is an old Moorish castle, which can be reached through the charming old town! Also make sure not to miss Silves Cathedral, which is another fantastic sight and is located right next to the castle! Wander down by the river to admire views of the castle from…

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Tauck gives us a magical surprise in Copenhagen – Tivoli Gardens

When you go on a tour or cruise with Tauck, one of the fun parts is you get a little "surprise" here and there.  Last summer, we ended a wonderful Baltic Small ship tour with Tauck in Copenhagen.  Our hotel happened to be across the street from an amusement park called Tivoli.  We were surprised … Continue reading Tauck gives us a magical surprise in Copenhagen – Tivoli Gardens