A fun cruise stop over in Tallin (Estonia)

Mark in the Town Hall square of Tallin, Estonia
While on our Baltic tour last June, our ship stopped for a half day visit to Tallin, Estonia.  This is a very popular stop on most Baltic cruise itineraries.  The old town was our favorite part of the day’s excursion, and my husband Mark and I had a lovely time walking around with our guide and also on our own.  Our walking tour ended in Town Hall square, and from there, we could wander the shops and sights on our own.  We also had a ton of cute cafe restaurants from which to choose when lunchtime rolled around.

I will offer a word of caution here.  Even though this is a lovely town, you need to be VERY careful with your belongings.  One gentleman in our group had his very expensive camera lens taken right off of his camera as it was hanging off of his shoulder.  He was walking back to our tour bus with our tour group at the time.  As you can see in the photo above, my husband also likes to carry his camera with him.  He was more fortunate, but he also held onto it tightly wherever we went.  If we had this day to do over again, I am pretty sure we would stick to the camera in our phones.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Architecture in this town is somewhat Russian looking, but also medieval.  Great for folks like us who enjoy taking photos!

Steeple of St. Mary’s church, also know as the Dome Church

inside of Town Hall
You can tour the old town hall in the center of the square, and even climb to the top of the tower to get  a nice view over the town.  There are some interesting artifacts inside and a recreation of the old rooms.  It will only take you about a half hour to visit here.

This restaurant is located next to town hall, just off of the main square.
Next to town hall, we spotted this restaurant, Peppersack.  The building dates back to the 1400’s and the food is supposed to be very good, per TripAdvisor.  We had already eaten, so we didn’t go in, but maybe next time!  It really looked like you were walking back in time when you entered. If you are interested, you can see menu and hours at the Peppersack website.

some cafes on the main square
There really is no shortage at all for places to eat in the old town of Tallin.  One place is cuter and more appealing than the last.

Lunch in old town Tallin
As I mentioned, PLENTY of great places to dine in Tallin!  Cheers!




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