Natural Bridge Caverns -An other worldly escape just outside of San Antonio, TX


This is the “Natural Bridge” for which the caverns are named

Now that we live near Dallas, we have taken to exploring our new state and the region.  After a short trip to San Antonio, TX, we decided to check out the Natural Bridge Caverns located just north of the city.  This cave is one of Texas’ largest and is really spectacular.


These amazing and beautiful  caverns were discovered back in 1960 by a group of college students.  You can tour their first discovered caverns in the “discovery tour” or you can take the “hidden gems” tour.  We opted for the Discovery Tour, because it included the largest cavern room.  We were not disappointed.  The Hidden Gems tour includes some lighting effects and also a “total darkness experience”.  I am not overly claustrophobic, but I thought the darkness thing might be pushing it a bit.  natural-bridge-three

Inside the caverns, the temperature is usually around 70 degrees with 99% relative humidity. It is neither too hot nor too cold, but it is definitely damp! You walk up and down some rather steep pathways, so sneakers or hiking shoes are a good idea. natural-bridge-four

There are a few other “specialty” tours available involving lanterns and bats and there was one only offered a couple of weeks out of the year based upon water levels being just right.  On the grounds outside of the caverns, there is a ropes course, a zip line, and a drive through animal park.  You could spend quite a bit of time at this place.  The Natural Bridge Caverns website will tell you all about attractions, hours and pricing.  This place is definitely worth at least a few hours of your time.  The whole family will enjoy!

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