Best Travel Guide Books Ever!

travel books


Recently, I had the pleasure of a six day visit to Stockholm.  We were there prior to a Baltic tour with Tauck.  I will review that soon for you.  (spoiler alert:  Wow!).

A week gives you a lot of time to explore beyond just the few “must see” sights that everyone would see in just a day or two.  But how do you know where to go and what to do?  You do research!  But where to start…

Just as an aside, I am a bit of a travel book junkie.  I devour these things!  After more than a few years and many, many travel books, Rick Steves (for Europe) and DK Eyewitness Top 10 guides (for basically anywhere on the planet)  are my absolute favorites.  Each will give you a slightly different perspective. DK will give you more photos.  Both books give you walking tours and will point you towards the best of the best as well as some fun and interesting detours.  Both books will give you an overview of the history and culture of your destinations.  Rick Steves will give you more of a personal  and folksy approach and lots of good walking tours.

Both DK and Rick Steves sponsor podcasts that are fantastic.  I absolutely love to listen to these while out for a walk or jog.  You can search through podcasts for “Rick Steves”  or “Tips for Travellers” (that is a British spelling, with two L’s – I know it looks funny !). Both have a LOT available.   Rick Steves even has his own app which that will connect you with the podcasts and much more.

Of course there are so many other sources of information.  These are just my favorites.  An added bonus is that the city books are relatively small and easy to cart around.  The books that cover all of Europe or an entire country are a different story…



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